15 Kasım 2008 Cumartesi


Can the USA interfere in Turkish internal politics or can Turkey help the war on Iraq? In recent proposal, permit was delayed to later date despite the tremendous pressure from the USA. As we know, Turkey and the USA have had a good relationship for ages. They helped each other in the past. They battled together in Korea and Etiopia. In my opinion, the war on Iraq will probably be the turning point of the relationship between Turkey and the USA. However, we don’t know how it will affect the relationship.

The USA will cut off the relationship and offering money to Turkey since Turkey didn’t do what the USA wanted. The USA supposed to interfere in Turkish internal politics, but actaully they couldn’t. Before the crisis of Iraq, The relationship was well organized and depended on mutual respect and understanding. Turkey and the USA had a good friendship among the citizens and politicians of these countries. However, Turkey didn’t accept the proposal despite of the initial offer from the USA. After that, the USA may try to use different institutious such as NATO, UN, etc. For example, the USA will try to send the proposal to the U.N. The U.N. is able to control relationship in the world, and the USA is one of the strongest members of the U.N. Because of this, the vote for war on Iraq will be accepted in the U.N. If the U.N. accepts the vote aginst Iraq, all of the members of U.N such as France, Germany, Russia, even Turkey have to enter the war. Therefore, Turkey will have to join the possible war without the money(15 billion $) which was offered by the USA before. Furthermore, in the future Turkey may continue their way without the US’ help. In addition to this, the second way, which the USA will try, is to send the proposal to NATO. NATO is the largest allied millitary force in the world, and it is managed by the presidency of USA. That is to say, the USA are able to control the NATO and its decisons. As a result, if NATO accepts the proposal , Turkey will have to join the allied forces as a one of the members of NATO except taking any financial help.

There are some unresolved issues around Turkey as a result of its stragetical importance. Throughout its history, Turkey has had the support of the USA in some problems such as Northern Iraq Kurdish problem and the problem of Cyprus. However, Turkey may lose the friendly support of the USA, and the USA may help the enemy side in these problems. The first problem is Norhern Iraq Kurdish problem. For years, Kurdish society in Northern Iraq has wanted to establish a country in Northern Iraq although there are many Turkish citizens in there. Also some of Kurdish people claim unreasonable beliefs such as ”The South East Anadolu belongs to us”. Nowadays, they have started to propagandize to reach their goals as they rely on the USA. Moreover, the USA started to support them to reach their objective against Turkish side and the USA might help them to establish a new country if the USA won the war. Turkish side might be alone in this matter. The other one is independence of KKTC. As we know from the history, Cyprus is the most contradictory issue between Greece and Turkey. In this little island, both Turkish and Greek side says that they are right, but Turkish side seems to be right because the island was the Turkish land during the era of Ottoman Empire. Before the possible Iraq war, the USA want to solve the problem fairly. However, Turkish side didn’t accept the proposal for the war on Iraq, so the USA will support Greece aginst Turkey for the solution of Cyprus’ problem although the Turkish side is right. As a result, Turkey would be unsuccessul to defend their rights over Cyphrus.

On the other hand, relationship may continue well as in the past between the two countries.Especially, the explanations on Monday from US State Departmant are relaxing for Turkish Government. First, White House spokesman said “Turkey is a NATO ally, and will always be a NATO ally”. Second, US Ambassador, Robert Pearson expressed “We are disappointed, we had certainly hope for a favorable decision by the Turkish parliament, and I want to emphasize our relationship and the importance of the work.”In addition, the USA will wait for another proposal from the Turkish parliament. The USA can be more patient until the Turkish parliament approves a new proposal which will gain a majority vote. After the silence of disappointment, the USA will come with new offers to Turkey. Maybe they can offer more than their initial offer. However, the USA may come with the same offer. Explanations from Turkish prime minister, Abdullah Gül, president of Justice and Development Party, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and president of General Staff, Hilmi Ozkok gave a guarantee to the USA. First, Abdullah Gül said “Friendly relationship with the United States would not change despite our parliament’s rejection of a proposal to let 62,000 U.S. troops operate from Turkish bases and ports in the event of a war with Iraq.” and added “We may send a new proposal to TBMM. This time, it may be accepted”. Furthermore, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said ”We have an unbreakable relationship with the USA. It is very hard to break out a war on Iraq, but as Turkey, we have to prevent ourselves from the fire on the neighborhood. If we can’t, we will play our last trump to join possible war.”Finally, Hilmi Ozkok said “We should join the war on Iraq to secure our rights in the Middle East and Northern Iraq”. We can understand from these explanations, Turkish side has a intention to send a new proposal to the Turkish parlaiment, and all of the disagreeableness between Turkey and th USA will end in near future

In brief, there will be a possible war in near future. This war will be inevitable for Middle East and the world. America have started to war on terror to catch Bin Laden in Afganisthan. Their second goal is to defeat Saddam Huseyin and his dangerous weapons such as biological, chemical and maybe nuclear wepons. During this period, the relationship between Turkey and the USA may change either positively or negatively. In my opinion, the most important thing that innocent people may not die during the ppossible war. As we know, the war is not a permanent solution for the world’s problems. Wars were valid in the past but not now. Current days are the time of technological war.

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