15 Kasım 2008 Cumartesi


In my opinion, university students should live at home with their families for three reasons. First of all, people are happy with their families in general. People love their parents as they are everything for them. Students also love their parent. Some of them can’t live without their families; however, they may not be happy, or they may not like their friends. We can add several problems like these, but the origin of these problems are unhappiness of person. Furthermore, university students need their families help since most students can’t work or have a job when they study at university. These students can’t afford their expenditures. For example,they need money for rented accomodation,foods,allowance and paying bills. Moreover, they don’t merely need money. They also need motivation and family support. Families can motivate their childeren to study or be succesful. Some students who live without their families, may have psychological problems, and they would suffer from problems if they didn’t solve their personal problems. This is an extraordinary situation, but in the end, when they are desperate, they choose committing suicide to solve problems. Finally, if university students live with their families, their families will not worry or wonder about them. For instance, imagine that you live in a dormitory. Your roommate comes and he wants to go out with you. You will probably accept his offer. In that time your parents call you, and you say ’’I am going out with my friend.’’ In this stiuations they will worry about you, and they probably won’t show their anxiety. Therefore, these will effect your parent’s psychology. Certainly , they will call you again and again.

Naturally, you have to come back your dormitory earlier. This will be insulting situation for you. In brief, university students probably won’t be happy without their families, they always need their families support, and families will worry about their childeren if they don’t live with them. In my opinion, students should stay with their families if they don’t have to live without their families. Neither of them can live easily when they are separated, and in recent researchs, students live with their families are more succesful from other students.

Melih Sözdinler

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