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In these days, people usually spend their free time on watching TV. They watch television because it is such an interesting gadget that people can be aware of world’s new patterns, fashions, up-to-date news, etc. Moreover, watching TV program becomes a usual thing that people do, especially university age students do. If they don’t go out or meet someone at the evenings and nights, they will probably watch TV. There are several programs that university age students watch and we can catagorize these TV programs into three common groups according to their aims: to improve their English or foreign language, to follow current(daily) news and to have fun.

The first aim of programs that university age students watch is to improve their English. First of all, they watch series that broadcast with different languages such as English, French, German, etc. For instance, the TV channel in Turkey, CNBC-e broadcasts English and American series such as Ally Mc Beal, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire, Simpsons etc. Most of the university students like to watch these series since they can learn new English words and how to speak in daily life. Moreover, they think that these series and soap operas help to improve their English directly, and some of them claim that they are able to speak clearly and fluently after they watch series which produced withe English because they can practice speaking English with accompaniment to the conversations. In other words, they can learn some complicated and fixed expression with understanding conversation as many series include subtitles. In addition, university age students are able to watch foreign movies. With a develping technology, they can watch international channels. For example, a student who can speak German can watch SAT 1, PRO 7 in Turkey. Also, English learners are able to watch Hallmark, BBC and CNN. Even a student, who wants Russian programs, can watch TV Center. As a result of these, both university age students can watch movies to improve their secondary language knowledge and they learn how to speak efectively and efficiently from the mimics, movements, conversations, expressions of players. Indeed, if university age students are language learners, they often watch TV programs, movies and series with their secondary language.

Another aim is that university stuedents watch TV in order to follow current, daily, up-to-date news. In today’s world with developing technologies and trends, university age students want to be aware of global news and news of Turkey. For instance, they watch CNN Turk, NTV, Skyturk, Haberturk and TV8 to refressh their memory of news so that they know what is going on the world. As we know, these TV channels give university age students adequate information and knowledge about their favourite subjects, sports, hobbies, high-tech news, and daily events. Nowadays, they watch news programs to get information about war on Iraq. Of course, they are not only concerned with political news. Especially boys also watch sport news and girls watch magazine news and music news. Indeed, university age students watch TV for news particularly “up-to-date news” to be aware of the world.

The final and most imortant aim of watching TV is for fun. University age students watch TV to entertain themselves as their duties, tasks, and objectives sometimes cause stress or unhapy life. Most university age students watch TV to refresh themselves. For example, in Turkey, they generally watch series, which includes daily life events. While they are watching TV, they think that their stress and unhapiness disappear gradually. They enter the world, which doesn’t cause stress. Many people, naturally university students, may not watch TV for knowledge, but, from the entertainig program, they can learn daily life because TV is a reel life. There are lots of people and visiual interactions on TV. Finally, there are several programs for fun that university age students can watch. For example, series are the most enjoyable ones. These are “Cocuklar Duymasın”, “Married and with Children”, “Kocum Benim”, “Mad about You”, etc. Moreover, compettion programs are also common such as “Who wants 500 Billion TL” and “Kripton”, etc. Furthermore, there are lots of programs that include stand up, magazine and famous people such as “Bir Baska Gece”, “Beyaz Show”, “Zaga”, “Hulya or Gulben show”, etc. Indeed, most of the university students watch TV programs, which includes entertainig things as they need happiness and nonstress lives. As we see, the most common aim for watching TV is for fun.

In brief, there are many programs that university students can watch and we carogorized them into three common groups: to have fun, to get news, and to improve their secondary language.
In my opinion, TV can turn into different shapes for university students. I mean, they can modify the TV easily. The media shows them many ways in order to set up thier own world. They can set up a world with funny, entertainig, interesting and improving programs. However, they can spend their leisure time on watching illogical, purposeless programs. The first way seems to be more suitable. You should be selective and cautious when you choose your favourite programs.

Melih Sözdinler

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