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Alcoholism is a complicated problem for a lot of people.Lots of people are drinking alcohol because of having fun or sadness.But some peoole become addicted to alcohol.They always have a will for drinking alcohol.If they don't drink, they lose their control.For example, swearing other people or resorting against family.Alcoholism affects addicted's life because of the excessive want of alcohol.It has a lot of effects on people's lives but the most common effects are:social problems, health problems, family problems.

Alcoholism causes social problems in alcoholics' lives.Alcoholics have to drink alcohol, this is their need but society doesn't approve of large consumption of alcohol because society believes that only drunk people drink too much.However, the truth is alcoholics are addicted to alcohol.Alcohol is a need for them as water.But society believes that alcoholics are losers so society wants to get rid of them.For this reason, alcoholics lose their interaction with society.Some alcoholics are different because they want to be apart from society.Their society is alcohol.They think that they don't have to need society.They think society can't solve their problems which are related with life.So they create a society with alcohol.Firstly, alcoholics lose their jobs.Thus, they have more time and they can drink more.Unemployment is a big problem because society doesn't think well about unemployed people especially if they're alcoholics.Secondly, they lose their family.Thirdly, they lose their all communication with other people.These are the levels of the alcoholics' loss.

Alcoholism increases problems in families.Marriage is a partnership and If one of the partners doesn't do his or her duties, there'll be problems in this family soon.Alcoholics can't do their duties for which they are responsible to their family or society.This causes arguments in families.If engine doesn't work, how can the car go?Alcoholics are broken engines in families.It's hard to fix them but it's not impossible.Alcoholics usually lose their jobs and they have to find money for alcohol.Accordingly, they sell something from the house or they spend their spouses salary for alcohol.Large alcohol consumption and ignoring the family contribute to divorces in alcoholics' lives.

The most important bad effect of alcoholism is health problems. Excessive use of alcohol usually causes cirrhosis.Cirrhosis is seen very often in alcoholics.Alcohol affects alcoholics' livers.The usual treatment of cirrhosis is liver transport.Cirrhosis is a serious ailment because people can't find a new liver easily and every liver is not suitable.If cirrhosis is in advanced stage, people have to find anew liver.Moreover, after that disease you have to give up alcohol but it's very hard for alcoholics.Also, there are another types of diseases which is related with nervous system.Alcohol affects people's brains so people lose their body control.Alcohol related problems usually result in death.

Alcoholism is a big problem for community.It has a lot of bad side effects.It makes lives of people worse day by day.Alcoholism has a lot of side effects but some of them are more common, such as:social problems, health problems, family problems.These effects cause lots of problems in people's lives.It's a difficult problem but it has an answer and alcoholics have to find this answer with the help of the society.


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