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Have you ever thought why people fall down? Absolutely, there are many reasons, but the most important one is breaking down the mental of people. In such instances, these people have a tendency to do violence and not to obey the rules. Sometimes, as a consequence of their environment or living area, they face discrimination and they accepted like criminal and guilty person. We can come across with these people in our lives or we can see them in movies. The movie called “Falling Down” deals with this problem as a subject, and there is a man -D-fens- who experiences mental breakdown in the film. In my opinion, there are many reasons why the man -D-fens- has a mental breakdown.

First of all, the world around him is unfair, and he can’t accept inequity; therefore, he show his violent face which is the effect of mental breakdown. There are several incident about inequity in the movie. For example, in the market, the Korean man does not have any intention to give change to him. Because of this, he show his anger:he hits the Korean shop owner, breaks up his shop with the basball bat, and at the end of the scene, he pays the cost of coke supposing that he doesn’t damage to anything in the shop. From these behaviour, we can understand that he is imbalanced and impatient. Also, he doesn’t like the citizens of other countries. Second example is that, in the golf area, the old golfer said that “Miserable and poor man can not go into the golf field.” Actually, he said this sentence to D-fens. Therefore, he shows his anger again:he draws his gun and threatens the old golfer. As we can see from two examples, mental breakdown of D-fens is the result of his circumference. He behaves so rude and violent that it shows “the Falling Down of one person”. In brief, in this paragraph, we see that the first reason why D-fens’s mental brokedown is the inequity and injustice in his environment.

In addition, according to him, the system which takes place in government, restaurants, construction industry is not appropriate one. In his walk to the family house, he comes across with many people who represent the improper system. For example, in a fast food restaurant, the restaurant’s owner doesn’t have wish to give breakfast although three minutes passed the breakfast time. D-fens insists on giving him a breakfast, but the manager doesn’t care. Then he shows his violent face again, and he shots the ceiling of the restaurant. This example shows that a person, whose mental was broken down, always objects something around him/her since he/she can’t control his feelings and reaction. Interestingly, in this scene, we can understood that they only want to harm their target, not to other innocent people. For instance, he doesn’t want to hurt the costumers in the restaurant because his target is the system of the fast food restaurant. The second example is the wealth of a plastic surgeon. D-fens wonders how the plastic surgeon can make a fortune like that. He says that he had worked for many years, but he has nothing now. Maybe, this unjustice made his mental broken down. In brief, in this paragraph, we see that the second reason why D-fens’s mental brokedown is the unfair system around him.

Finally, his unsuccessful business career and mariage may be the reason why he is experiencing mental breakdown. First, his marriage were ruined because of his imbalanced behaviour. We couldn’t know why he seperated precisely, but it may be frustration and be driven to violence by the inherent irritations of everyday life. However, we exactly know that he is in a bad mood, and everyday life is torture for him. Second, he would have unsuccessful business career due to the fact that he couldn’t earn much money to live prosperously. It might be the reason why he separated from his wife and daughter. Everyone knows that the family is everything for people if they love their partner. We see that D-fens loves his wife and daughter. However, his wife doesn’t love him and let him to see his child. The main reason and starting point of his mental breakdown must be living without his family. No matter how he has violent behaviour and imbalanced movements, he doesn’t deserve a behaviour like that. In brief, in this paragraph, we see that the final and most important reason why D-fens’s mental brokedown is failures in his life.

All in all, in my essay, I explained how D-fens experienced mental breakdown. There are three main reasons: living inequity, the unfair system in everywhere, and unsuccessful life experiences. In my opinion, people can experience mental breakdown even though they have no tendency and intention. However, they may face one big problem, and this problem may be the begining of their ruin. We saw that the problem of D-fens is not inside since he is sometimes emotional, merciful, and even humorous during the movie, but his environment and living area are full of with crime, injustice, inequity and improper system. Those made his mental broken down.

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