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After the creation of people, the crime started. The son of Adam killed his brother, and suffering and savagery has begun to affect our lives. Throughout history, human beings have seen the rise, improvement and disappereance or ruin of many civilizations. However, none of them, even the most glorious ones such as the Byzantines, Rome, or the Ottoman’s couldn’t stop committing a crime in their society. Although many sactions, ans laws have been applied and legislated, mankind have continued to commit crimes. Similarly, in the future, there will be no way to stop the crimes precisely and entirely, especially, in large cities including Istanbul, Paris, New York, and London. In London, crime is one of the most serious problem. In my opinion, as society and government, three main things should be done in order to help reduce the amount of crime in London: obtaining sufficient life possibilities to the people who are potential criminals, supplying more funds to the security departments such as “The police”, and giving a proper education to the people who are not aware of the strenght of justice and law.

The first thing that Ibelieve is neccessary to prevent crime in London is providing adequate life possibilities to the potential criminals. According to the recent statistics, many prisoners were convicted since they commited crime like bank robbery, kidnapping, snatcing, stealing, etc. However, if we look at the life possibilities of these criminals, the fact is that they havee done these crimes in order to find enough money to continue their lives. In addition, many of them have families, and they are regretful and desperae due to the life in prison. In fact , if the government of the U.K. or the administration of London had provided enough money or regular jobs to these people, they wouldn’t have committed a crime since the reasons why they commited a crime were that they had to make a living, have sufficent money to live, and even look after their family. Furthermore, to imagine their lives, we should put ourselves to the position of these people. Everyday, every way that you try ends with frustration. You are poor and desperate. No one has any intention to give job and aid. What would you do in such desperate and suffering life conditions? There are two possible answers; you may choose dying from day to day because of misery and poverty, or you have to commit a crime or steal food or money from people and shops. Needless to say but, you will be arrested by the police and soon be imprisoned. It would be very harsh and unfair situation for you. In short, we should understand the conditions that lead other people to commit a crime, and as government and society, we should try to help them not to ruin theri lives.

The second precaution that should be done in order to decrease the amount of crime in London is obtaining more funds to the security departments such as “The Police”. First of all, I believ that there is a discrimination of areas in London. Particularly, in many areas, the forces and officers of police department are not enough to maintain the safety of area. For instance, in Liechester there are more criminals than Nottingham or Arsenal. According to you, isn’t this unfair? However, the police department has no more choices because they have funds only for rich areas! Actually, they have, but as usual in government departments, they spend the money on purchasing new expensive and luxury cars to “the head officers” instead of investing on entire police department in London. If the government takes control over the administration of police department, the situation will not get worse. Obviously, the government has to promote fair and reliable staff to the administration of police department in Istanbul. After that, “new head officers” will use extra funds to regulate tha management of entire police department. As a result, we may have more sensitive, reliable and fair police department. Maybe, in the future, we will have London with less crime than now.

I strongly believe that the crime rate in London will decrease, if vital and proper education are given or provided to the citizens. Almost the quarter of the population of London does not know the laws that were identified and legislated by the government. In practice, some of them obey the rules that they accept as true. Interestingly, many people suppose that rulers such as mafia leaders, gang leaders are right. It is certain, if they had been given proper education, they wouldn’t have followed these rulers since they would know the strnght of government. As a result of going on practising the rules that “fake rulers”, namely, gang and street leaders, accept, gradually, they commit a crime since there are many people like these rulers in London. Rulers individually have some rules. However, if there are many rulers, their rules and traditions may conflict and oppose. Due to these, street wars are happening in London. As a result, they called as anarchits as they interupt the government’s rules. Soon these people are arrested by the Police without avaring why they are guilty. Many of “ the Fake rulers” even don’t know the real justice, and they begin learning and practising the government’s justice and rules in jail or prison. Unfortunately, “fake rulers” and people who are the victims and toys of “fake rulers” are the representative of wrong education system in London. Also they are the victim of unfair world, dirty places, and bad intentions. Individualy, these people may be excellent, but they need the interest of government and society. Especially, proper education should be given these people.

In conclusion, I explained how we can reduce the amount of crime. First, we can provide adequate life possibility to the potential criminals. Second, we can supply more funds to the safety departments. Third, we can educate people who are ignorant or don’t know the real justice. From all of these, we can understand that we have many choices to reduce the crime rate. However, actually, we can’t control the crime precisly. There has always been crime in the world. In fact, we can contro the criminals behaviour and desires by giving importance to their lives. The last thing that we should not forget is that everyone can be a criminal if the life conditions and circumstances around us are suitable.

Melih Sözdinler

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