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In changing and developing world, many things lost in the deepness of the history. Many civilizations, races and cultures found, rised, and disappeared. Among these civilizations, there is one thing which the history could not destroy, and it is the “Turks”. Turkish civilization don’t vannished because of its rooted traditions and beliefs. However, nowadays, Turkish traditions are even losing their importance although they are the only things that have been preventing Turkish culture throughout the history. In my opinion, we should preserve the two most importnat Turkish traditions in order not to be disappeared, to be known as Turkish society, and many other reasons: the fact of family, respect and friendship.

The first traditions that should be protected in Turkey is the fact of family. The fact of family is inevitable custom for our society structure. Needless to say, the family is the most important material of society and civilizations. Many corruptions and errors firstly happen in family life, and then gradually they affect all the entire Turkey including prime minister and representatives of Turkish parliament. That is to say, the family life is the indicator of whole life in a country. Unfortunately, new trends, developing technology, fashions force family life into the way that can not be accepted by our ancestors and traditions. People intend to live with their partner illegitimately. Also many people separeted due to the severe lack of harmony. In my opinion, these disharmonies and non-marriage lives may be the beggining of the corruption and social ruin. To prevent themselves from these, we should realize the fact of family and the holliness of family concept. In addition, why is family life so important? The answer is easy. The family is the begining of the chain. For example, assume that a family, and there are many disagreement between husband and wife. They can’t get along and they decide to get divorced, and these incident is the preface of the chain. After that, everyone hears that they got divorced. Gradually, it affects the hapiness of relatives. The worst thing that if they have children, they will be unhappy too. Absolutely, their friends may unhappy too. From this assumption, we can make a decision that the begining of the chain is family and their relatives and friends are the continuance of the chain. If there is a problem at the begining, it will soon influence other people. Moreover, we can say that there are many divorces in Turkey:as a result, whole society may be affected from this unhappiness.

The second traditions that Turkey should preserve is respect and friendship. In the social life of Turkey, citizens used to be respectful and have a good fellowship. However, these days, these two things have forgotten in many area. The world of people is set up for materialism instead of emotions, friendship and respect. Avarices and ambitions are the most important things for people lives. For example, many worker do whatever they think to promote. Sometimes, they forget the importance of friend in order to promote and be paid much money. In my opinion, this will be the onset of social destruction. Moreover, from day to day, people as a concept depends on loneliness because many people believe that their loneliness is the reason of their success. In addition to this, many people has broken their relationship with their relatives disrespectfully. In fact, many people think that they will be more comfortable and not need to visit them if they have no relation with their relatives. There is some truth in this cases as in some families people live in different areo of Tukey. However, this can NOT be the reason to break off the relation. According to recent survey carried out by TUBITAK, 30% of people did even not visit their parents, 50% of these people also haven’t seen their relatives for ages. These results show us that people have begun to give up communicating with their relatives. As a result, social destruction started many years ago.

All in all, the two most important Turkish traditions should be preserved in order to prevent their absence’s negative effects. First, the reality of family should be protected. Second, the fellowsip and esteem among citizens should be preserved. In my opinion, throughout the history, Turkish culture and civilization couldn’t be destroyed because of the strenght of traditions. Obviously, our traditions have begun to change since people’s mind change. According to some people, many traditions are needless since they are not the representative of the modern world. I hope that these people do NOT forget the reality of Turkey. If we need a revolution, this should be made slowly.

Melih Sözdinler

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